Simple steps to get started on your PC

Go Ahead

This instrucion will help you get the PC side app working.


Download the install package

For Windows 10, you need to download this latest install package with updated driver
And you might have to add vjoy devices manually in vJoyConf.exe.

*You might need to Download and install .Net Framework 4.0 if you os version is below 8 and haven't installed it before.


Just install the package. We've make the process even easier, you don't have to configure the settings anymore, the installation package handles everything.

*WPJoy Server will be installed at your Programe folder


Run WPJoy Server, and your PC's IP address will be shown. Enter the IP address in the WPJoy app on your phone, and hit Connect to play!

*Your phone and your pc should be in the same lan


If you have any questions, requirements, suggestions or you find some bugs or meet some problems, feel free to post it below!