The only app that makes your phone a gamepad/steering wheel

With WPJoy, you can play your favourite PC games with your mobile phone as the gamepad or steering wheel!

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  • Multiple Modes

    Packed with Dpad mode, joystick mode, joystick+Dpad, steering wheel modes and custom gamepad layout, your windows phone will be a powerful game controller, with support of up to 13 buttons

    And works in any games that support joysticks!

    *Dpad mode and a steering wheel mode are available in trial version

  • Steering Wheel

    Unlike other apps that stimulate key press, we ultilize the phone's accelerometer, giving you an amazing driving experience

    Enjoy your racing games!

  • Multiplayer

    Connect multiple phones running WPJoy to one PC, and enjoy your multiplayer game with your friends!

    Support up to 16 devices simultaneously